Spotlight Character Review

After watching the movie “Spotlight,” it was difficult to decide who my favorite character was. Mike Rezendes and Robby Robinson were two of my favorites, but my final pick was Sacha Pfeiffer.

I was drawn to Pfeiffer because of her determination, but also because of her technique. Pfeiffer was the true definition of a journalist. She gained the trust of her sources, knew the facts, had knowledge of the system, and worked diligently and effortlessly for the sake of the story.

The first instance when Pfeiffer caught my attention was when she and Robby Robinson met with Eric MacLeish. Pfeiffer was very knowledgeable of the cases and was set out to get what she came for. She was very determined throughout the movie, a quality that is important for a journalist. Without her determination, as well as the others, the story definitely would have not emerged from the Spotlight team, and it may not have ever emerged period.

Pfeiffer also showed excellent interview techniques. When meeting with potential sources or victims, she was always very straightforward while being sensitive at the same time. In one instance, she said something along the lines of, “Words are very important.” Pfeiffer knew she had to be sensitive and respectful given the magnitude of the damage she was reporting on, but at the same time she knew she had to have words and actual accounts in order for the story to become anything. Pfeiffer gained her sources trust and proved to her sources that she really cared about what they had to say and had the desire to listen to their stories.

Another technique that stood out to me was how Pfeiffer always asked direct questions. She never assumed anything before reporting; she always had the facts straight. When talking with her sources, she would constantly ask the same questions over again to be sure she had the facts straight and that she was not twisting any words. She was very direct and straightforward with her sources. For example, when she went directly to a priests’ home and knocked on the door, when he admitted doing such awful crimes, she made sure that he was actually admitting to them. Pfeiffer did an excellent job while recording and reporting information from her sources.

Overall, although there were many great characters in the movie, Sacha Pfeiffer stood out to me the most and was definitely one of my favorite characters. I would love to actually hear from the real Sacha Pfeiffer and her thoughts of the movie compared to the actual events.


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